$5 per thousand words (USD)

The most basic form of editing, a Proofread will see us correcting commonplace errors in your manuscript, in regards to grammatical mistakes and punctuational mishaps. This basic edit will use the human eye to ensure your manuscript has a little bit more bloom by erasing many of those errors that make readers scoff.

Proofreading includes the following:

  • Editing for punctuation & grammar


$8 per thousand words (USD)

If you want a little bit more than a basic Proofread, but you don’t want a substantive review of your entire manuscript, then a Copyedit might be just what you need. In addition to correcting grammatical and punctuational errors, a Copyedit will review your manuscript for continuity errors and will ensure consistency of formatting throughout. Awkward sentences will be brought to your attention, and we will provide suggestions to rewrite any weak, confusing or convoluted segments in your manuscript. In addition, we will also prepare suitable front and back matter if applicable, at no extra charge.

Copyediting includes the following:

  • Editing for punctuation & grammar
  • Editing for continuity & consistency
  • Editing for complicated syntax & style
  • Front Matter (Title, Copyright, Dedication, Contents, etc)
  • Back Matter (Author’s Note, References, etc)

Manuscript Evaluation

$10 per thousand words (USD)

If you’re looking for an edit in the form of structural suggestions or guidelines, then a Manuscript Evaluation (also known as a substantive edit) is the right option for you. We will thoroughly and objectively inspect your manuscript for quality in the realms of character believability, your ability to build a convincing world, narrative resonance, your personal writing style, and how effectively you execute everything you offer your reader. We will liaise with you significantly before proceeding with a Manuscript Evaluation.

Manuscript Evaluation includes the following:

  • Editing for structure
  • Editing for internal coherence

Manuscript Formatting

$50 flat rate (USD)

One of the biggest sins many independent publications commit is poor manuscript formatting. Unfortunately, it’s very easy to pinpoint many independent publications because of their amateur layout, and this is a major deterrent to many potential readers. Our Manuscript Formatting service formats your manuscript to professional standards.

Manuscript Formatting includes the following:

  • Front Matter (Title, Copyright, Dedication, Contents, etc)
  • Back Matter (Author’s Note, References, etc)
  • Industry Standard Formatting
  • Print Ready PDF
  • Ebook Ready EPUB & MOBI