Free Services


We offer a free reviewing service for any independently published story. Upon contacting us for a review, we will liaise in a friendly manner, and arrange a suitable schedule for your story to be read and reviewed on several digital networks, as well as offer other promotional opportunities, such as an interview and word-of-mouth publicity on our social media platforms.

Story Evaluations

In our bid to help Independent Authors flourish, we offer a complimentary Story Evaluation for unpublished stories. In this evaluation, we will correspond with Independent Authors to help them find their strengths and expunge their weaknesses in the early stage of composition. If you think you have an interesting concept for a novel, but you need a little help realising the true vision, or if you want to bounce your ideas off a third party to see how they float, then this is the perfect service for you. Please note that this is a limited evaluation that does not extend to a full substantive manuscript edit.