Will you edit my short story/children’s book/essay, etc?

Of course! Our editing service is open to everyone.

What formats do you accept for editing?

We accept only WORD and PAGES.

Do you offer an ISBN as part of your service?

No. If you wish to link an ISBN to your book, you will have to purchase one yourself. Many independent publishers, such as Lulu, also offer free ISBNs when you publish your book with them.

Do your services help me find an agent/publisher?

No. You will need to do this yourself. We help with preparing your manuscript for publication and offer exposure for independently published books.

What if I need changes made to my text after formatting has been completed?

Talk to us and we’ll help you, however, we will charge a fee depending on the size of the changes. It’s always best to ensure you are happy with your final product before committing to the formatting/publishing process.

Do I need to cite your services in my finished book?

It is neither mandatory nor customary to cite an editor’s contribution to your finished book, especially in fiction. However, if you do decide to cite our contribution, we would very much appreciate the gesture!